We’ve helped hundreds of people move and we’ve talked to hundreds more about their moves. Over and over we see people with the same frustrations. They end up spending more money than they need to, waste time because it is hard to prioritize the tasks they need to accomplish and end up physically and emotionally drained. We created this workbook to combat those frustrations.

Organize Pack Move! is divided into 6 sections:

  1. Bullet  Preparation and Initial Decisions

  2. Bullet  Organizing for Your Move

  3. Bullet  Donating and Selling

  4. Bullet  Packing and Moving

  5. Bullet  Settling In

  6. Bullet  Checklists and Worksheets

You’re busy, you’re moving and you don’t have time to read a long

book or spend hours online searching for information .  This workbook is what you need to save time, money and energy!

The workbook “Organize Pack Move!”takes the entire moving process from start to finish and breaks it into “bite-sized” pieces so that anyone can make sense of it.  What is typically an overwhelming prospect becomes very do-able and allows you to feel “in charge” of your situation by keeping you on track, focused and remembering every detail.  No falling through the cracks this time!  I’ll recommend it to all my clients.

Lisa Wade


  1. Bullet Time-Saving: You need to know the most efficient way to move - we tell you how.

  2. Bullet Money-Saving:  Lots of money-saving tips from how to save money on moving boxes to how to sell the things you don’t want to take with you.

  3. Bullet Concise: Seventy-five one-page topics, from How to Pick a Realtor to Packing Material Disposal.

  4. Bullet Thorough: In addition to the articles, we’ve included worksheets and checklist to keep you on track.

If You Are Moving, You Need This Book!

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